Stokksnes Iceland cave
Daniel Viñé

Daniel Viñé

The Secret Cave

We return with another photo of Iceland taken a little over a year ago, the famous Stokksnes beach, taken thousands of times by all of us, but… have you ever seen it with a cave?

After taking typical photos at dawn and seeing that the light was still good, I tried the challenge of taking Stokksnes framed, the truth is that it was not easy, I had to make many attempts and several series of which I only liked one at home.

A panorama of 18 shots without counting the bracketing shots, this was the result:

Today we come back with a shot of the trip to Iceland almost a year ago with my friend Juan Lopez. And the fact is that I still have some photos to edit from that trip.

One of them was the day we were in the ice caves, an excursion we did inside the glacier with a guide.
After seeing the glacier from the outside we were finally inside this ice cave and for a few moments we were without people and we took the opportunity to make the most of the place.

In this case I made a panoramic of almost 360 degrees with posed with the Laowa 12mm.

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