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If you are having trouble with editing your photographs, or just want to learn more about post processing landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes, this photography tutorial is perfect for you! I will teach you how I edit my photographs step by step using photoshop and lightroom. Lessons will be available via Skype.

Photography of antes-Kuyotp Japan

If you are interested in learning or improving the editing of the photographs that come out of your camera, you can take individual classes with me, through a video call platform like Skype.

Live you can learn the workflow that I apply to my photographs, from the development of the raw, to the subsequent retouching with different editing programs.

The classes will be fully customizable according to your level and requirements, and you choose the type of photography (urban, landscape, etc.), so you can see how I apply my techniques, such as exposure blending, panoramic, time blending, etc.

All the classes will be recorded and sent by mail to the client, so you can watch them at any time.

Thanks to the camera’s Raw you can recover a lot of information and get a great photo, but always starting from a good original shot, that is to say a good photo with a good light.

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Photography of Zaanse Amsterdam

Photography of antes sea temple in bali

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Contact me and we will choose the best type of lesson and level that suits your needs. Or simply contact me to see the price and request more information without any commitment.

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Photography of antes-hayedo